Gourm Asian Bistro


Seasame Chicken – Five spiced seasoned chicken breast, unique blend of Asian vegetables, Light Jasmine rice, signature Soy Sauce.

Sweet Fried Wontons
Crispy wontons fired and tossed ina sweet blend of Asian Spices and drizzled with honey

Orange Chicken
House made Orange Basil Marmalade, Lightly Fried Chicken, Fresh Cut Broccoli, Over Coconut Infused Rice

Lo-Mein Noodles, Fresh Asian Vegetable Tossed in a Sweet Garlic Teriyaki Sauce with your choice of Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetable.

Fried Rice
Unique blend of Asian Vegetables, Crisp Jasmine Rice, Egg, Signature Soy Sauce, Fresh Ginger, Scallions with your choice of Chicken, Beef, Shrimp or Vegetable.

Curry Coconut Tofu
Crip and slightly seasoned charred seasoned Tofu, Creamy Curry Coconut Sauce, Sesame Seeds, Crispy Bell Peppers over a bed of Cilantro Infused Rice (may substitute chicken)

The Convenient Bahn Mi
Pickled Asian Vegetables, Marinated Sweet and Tangy Pork, Lightly Spiced Garlic Aioli, Cilantro, Crunch Cucumbers, Fresh Jalapenos nestled in a fresh baked crispy Baguette

Ginger n Garlic Shrimp
Plump Shrimp, Creamy Ginger Garlic Aioli, Scallions, Mixed Crisp Bell Peppers, Slightly Charred Bok Choy, Crispy Peas, Asian Noodles with a Hint of Lime.

Crispy Edamame
First Steamed, then Sautéed to a Perfect Crunch. Make it Spicy, Sweet or Salty.

Sweet Chili Crab Rangoon
Five House Made Sweet Chili Crab Rangoon, a bed of Crunchy Spicy Arugula, Lemon Zest, Sesame Seeds, Almonds.. This is not a salad, or is it?