Nightly Performances

Stage Performances: (weather permitting)
Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 and 8:30 pm
Fridays and Saturdays show times at 7 and 9 pm


Contortion and Acrobatics

Chinese Acrobatic Contortion

This acrobatic type has been performed for thousands of years in China and is one of the most popular acrobatics welcomed by audiences both home and abroad. This traditional acrobatic performance is called as “a body art exceeding the limit of body.” and is centered in Chinese cultural understanding of circle.

face changer

Face Changing

Face Changing

“Face-Changing” or “biàn liǎn”, is an ancient Chinese dramatic art that is part of the Sichuan opera. Performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick, dramatic music. They also wear vividly colored masks, typically depicting well known characters from the opera, which they change from one face to another almost instantaneously with the swipe of a fan, a movement of the head, or wave of the hand.


Cupe Diabolo and Plate Spinning


Diabolo is a juggling prop consisting of an axle and two cups or discs. This object is spun using a string attached to two hand sticks. A huge variety of tricks are possible with the diabolo, including tosses, and various types of interaction with the sticks, string, and various parts of the user‘s body. Multiple diabolos can be spun on a single string. Diabolos evolved from the Chinese yo-yo, which was originally standardized in the 12th century.

Plate Spinning

Plate Spinning is one of the Chinese traditional acrobatic performances. The performer uses a stick to support plates on top and spin them without falling. It has high requirement in skill and sense of balance.